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Draftlens is a cutting edge document drafting platform that allows you to unleash your productivity and drive client satisfaction.

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Our intelligent and intuitive document generation engine allows lawyers to draft without typing a word. With Draftlens, the days of performing the same repetitive tasks for every deal are over.

Accelerate Turnaround

Compose complex documents in a fraction of the time without having to hunt for provisions and make document-wide conforming edits.

Eliminate Errors

Produce polished work free of drafting errors, broken cross- references and costly legal oversights.

Draft Smarter

Enable even junior attorneys to draft with the experience of a senior partner with our intuitive menu-driven editing system.

Drive Client Satisfaction

Increase realization rates with efficient use of timekeeper hours, and leave clients eager to return for the next deal.

Reduce Risk

Leverage high quality language from top tier firms that is continually maintained to reflect best practices and market trends.

Price Confidently

Staff efficiently and price with confidence in fixed-fee arrangements, where every hour saved improves the bottom line.

Dynamic Editing

Use the nested menu system to select big picture deal points and fine tune provisions at the level of detail that you are used to. Prefer arbitration to court adjudication? That's just one click. The document adapts in real time, automatically making all language changes such as updating defined terms and cross references.

Deep Knowledge

Our drafting engine guides you through each clause's moving parts and customary negotiating positions, allowing a junior associate to draft with the experience of a senior partner. One click allows you to set the strength of a provision, tilting it in favor of a given party or something middle of the road.


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From a tech perspective and a cost perspective, there’s all the reason in the world that Draftlens should be the way everyone starts drafting.

Corporate Associate
AmLaw 10 Firm

The ability to narrow or expand and see the differences between options without having to do somersaults… impressive.

Corporate Associate
AmLaw 50 Firm

It’s useful to me because at the click of a button I can modify a provision, grab it and go.

M&A Associate
AmLaw 100 Firm

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